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SMART InspEction system for High Speed and multifunctional testing of MEMS and MOEMS

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CSEM SA is the leader of work package 5, the development of the smart-pixel camera. CSEM SA is a privately-held company operating on a not-for-profit basis. Its main focus is applied R&D and low volume production in the domains of micro- and nano-technologies as well as advanced system engineering.

Organisation Description

CSEM SA is a privately held company founded in 1984 and has today about 300 employees for an annual turnover of more than 30M€. CSEM is operating on a not-for-profit basis in the domains of micro- and nano-technologies as well as advanced system engineering.

CSEM with its headquarters in Neuchâtel and its two regional centres located in Zürich (photonics) and Alpnach is an applied research and development company involved in the design and development of micro- and miniaturised systems for industry, small volume production and the creation of business based upon cutting edge technological innovation.

Relevant Skills, Technologies, and Experiences

CSEM's core competencies are among microelectronics, micro mechanics, photonics, micro fluidics, micro robotics, assembly and high-performance embedded software systems. CSEM owns extensive in-house clean-room laboratories as well as other sophisticated lab space in particular for micro- and opto-electronics.

The activities of CSEM in the domain of image sensing and vision are mainly focused on photo-detection systems of ultimate performance (in terms of power consumption speed, dynamic range, sensitivity) as well as image sensors with on chip and pixel-level signal-processing functionality. Specific know-how embraces thorough knowledge of semiconductor physics and devices, analogue and mixed-signal circuit design, analogue and digital control electronics for integrated image sensors, as well as firmware, algorithmic, software, optics design and system engineering for vision systems. To sustain its R&D effort in vision and image sensing (and more specifically in low-noise and low-light applications), CSEM has dedicated infrastructure and software tools, including notably: Dark labs for the accurate characterization and qualification of optoelectronics components, image sensors and cameras systems; and extensive CAD tools for simulations in the field of optics (Zeemax tools), mechanics (Solidworks), electrics (Matlab), IC circuitry (Cadence tools), processes and devices (ISE-TCAD).

CSEM, which is partly supported for specific activities by the Swiss government on a regular as well as project basis, is a shareholder company with retained profits. Operating profits are reinvested in advanced applied research activities. CSEM has created numerous spinoff and startup companies, having risen beyond 80 Million Euros in Venture Capital. Beyond that, the company has direct technology transfer projects; this industrial investment generates in cascade even more substantial value for the industrial partners of CSEM.


Dr. Stephan Beer
Senior R&D Engineer  
T +41 44 497 1459
F +41 44 497 1400

CSEM Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA | Technoparkstrasse 1 | CH-8005 Zurich  


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