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SMART InspEction system for High Speed and multifunctional testing of MEMS and MOEMS

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TECHFAB SRL is the leader of work package 7: proof-of- concept and validation. TECHFAB contributes to the definition of the end user requirements, testing and verification.




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Founded in 2006, TECHFAB SRL is the Micro & Nano Technologies Fabrication Facility of North West of Italy. The objective of the fabrication facility is to fill the gap between academic research labs and industries, mainly SMEs, being integrated into the network of local and European organizations active in the field of micro and nano technologies. The TECHFAB mission is to enable the exploitation of research results, providing small-medium volumes fabrication and when needed to help customers in the scale up of production processes.


The main technical competences comprise:

  •     Electronics and Sensors based on Silicon and Silicon Carbide in devices operating in harsh environment
  •     MEMS and NEMS based on Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Carbon, metals and polymers
  •     Self-governing microsystems (battery less and/or wireless)
  •     Micro e nano technologies for biological systems
  •     Nanostructures for photonics
  •     Micro e nanostructures for magnetic devices
  •     Microsystems packaging
  •     Polymeric MEMS
  •     Smart materials integration in microsystems


The labs comprise all the facilities for thin and thick film deposition, photolithography, dry and wet etching, characterization, on an area of 400 m2 clean room. A smaller lab is dedicated to biology, comprising a state of the art AFM customized to operate in liquid with cells and biological material.




Diego Bruno


Loc. Baraggino

10034 Chivasso (TO)


phone: +39 011 5367100

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