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SMART InspEction system for High Speed and multifunctional testing of MEMS and MOEMS

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The specification phase in SMARTIEHS is completed. In the currently ongoing design phase the optical mechanical and camera systems are designed. This section is continuously updated as the project progresses. Stay updated!

System Specifications
The Smartiehs specification phase is now completed. Find the main specifications here
Project management
The Coordinator of the project is SINTEF. SMARTIEHS has a Project Managment Board as the formal decision body of the consortium and an Executive Board as the central forum for monitoring the technical progress of the project and revise the project planning as the results become available.
Optical Design
The optical design of the SMARTIEHS instrument reflects the parallel approach of the inspection concept. The detailed design will be introduced while the project continues. Come back and stay updated!
Mechanical design
The application of interferometry requires high stability mechani cal design and a high accuracy translation unit. Therefore the mechanical design of the inspection system is challenging.
Interferometer design
The micro-optical interferometers are the heart of the SMARTIEHS instrument. The first preliminary design is shown on this page. The design process is still proceeding. Updates of the design will be introduced here.
Smart Pixel Camera
Why are the pixels in the SMARTIEHS camera smart?
Micro-optical Processing LCI
Microfabrication is used in SMARTIEHS to produce the probing wafers, responsible to execute the optical operation of the system, i.e. the generation of the interference signal. The LCI fabrication combines thin-film deposition, replication and multi-wafer assembly techniques to arrange the elements in the Mirau configuration, shown in the figure below.
Photograph of first LCI probing wafer.
Photograph of first LI probing wafer.
Micro optical processing: LI
The fabrication of the first version of the Laser Interferometer array comprised high resolution electron beam lithography, preparation of adapted micro-lenses, and sophisticated assembly technologies.
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